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Dragon Eternity
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Dragon Eternity is a 2D Browser based Role Plaiyng MMO Game set in the world of Adan.

The story: - “Welcome to the world of Adan.” Yes I know it is pretty short but it seems that the game does not have a more developed story, and anyway who needs one. If you still want one, you will be delight by the story quests so the absence of the storie do not bother.

When you have start playing Dragon Eternity you can selected one of the Empires, where your character will be living and progressing. Character customization options are limited I would say that emphasis is not on customization, but it would was been better if the characters of players not to look all the same.

In the game monsters are freely moving over locations and when you attack one of them combat window will appear, at the bottom you can see three hit buttons, different hits are performed in different stances: attacking, defensive and magical. By combining different hits, you can adjust combat tactic. Keep in mind, that your opponent can also change his stances. For example, if you want to use magic faster you should click on "mana +124%" it will give strikes with less damage but the mana will charge faster and, as expected you can use it faster. This aspect of the game I especially liked, because I was tired of fighting without some tactics in them, now you do not understand that it is very tactical but at least it break from the monotony that sank browser games lately.

Eternity Dragon has a 2D graphics (two dimensional) that many fans of 3D's will not going to like but the game looks decent with good 2D animation thought it to be smoother and does not take much to load in any browser. The game also has arenas where you can duel with other players if you were bored with quests and slaughtering NPCs.

Dragon Eternity, overall is decent and does not disturb player from the pleasure of butchered various monsters or wild animals. The quality of not to disturb the player should be valued more by the producers of games, therefore the game is a delight in terms of gameplay I would say even relaxing.


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