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Monster Buster World Invasion
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Monster Buster World Invasion is a Android Free to play, Role-Playing Multiplayer Game featuring 40 breeds of original handcrafted Earth invading monsters .

In Monster Buster World Invasion , players explore the real world and discover new monsters, treasure chests and collect ingredients to create booster cookies and drinks. In order to collect monsters, players face-off their own monsters against the wild ones and use character’s special moves to defeat the untamed creatures. Players’ monsters gain experience with each fight and with each new level they increase their luck, attack or defence skills.

In addition to augmented reality fights, players can select a ‘Quick Fight’ match, that allows players to fight the monsters without leaving the comfort of their homes. While ‘Quick Fight’ matches allow players to gain experience and collect loot, the mode does not offer the option to capture new monsters, until exploration in the real world begins.

- Discover and collect tons of incredible monsters hidden around in your city.

- Locate monsters in your environment using the camera of your smartphone.

- Fight in dynamic duels using unique abilities of your monsters.

- Gain experience and grow your monsters to pursue even bigger challenges.

- Take a photo with a monster, save it to your gallery and post it to Facebook.

- Dozens of original handcrafted 3D monsters and more constantly added.

- The game is constantly updated and improved .



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