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Star Supremacy Online is a 2D Browser Based Strategic war MMO Game, set in distant sci-fi future.

In the distant sci-fi future, tensions rise as the limited resources of earth run out. This is the story of the three human factions while they compete to survive and expand on other galaxy. Players not only need to master the art of attack, but should also learn to defend and solidify their own power.

Players become leaders in charge of establishing a fully functioning colony base, so before attack and expansion, we must learn how to survive. Your colonies has a number of different building plots that allow the construction of new structures. By using the available space efficiently, you will be rewarded with boundless resources. These resources can then be used to construct powerful fleets, which will help you on your way to universe domination. An important aspect of your colonies is their Efficiency rating. Each building requires enough power or population to operate. Having too little power or too few colonists will lower your maximum production rates. Lack of power can be easily fixed by building or upgrading solar panels. A lack of population requires you to produce enough food and have enough space for your colonists to live in.

Ship Assembly System - you have complete control over the ship designs you choose to build and can also name your own designs. Each ship assembled is made of its chassis, weapons and modules. Remember that different weapons have strengths and weaknesses so utilize them accordingly in battle.

Once you unlocked the research a whole tech tree become available, allowing you to research different buildings, ships, weapons and tech which improves the base capabilities, werpons, production and so on.

Overall Star Supremacy is a game that manages to improve the classic recipe of colonization simulators, do not innovates but neither disappoint, a real option for a new game.


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