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ArcheAge BEGINS is a Android Free 2 play, Role-Playing Multiplayer Game RPG, featuring key contents optimized for mobile devices .

ArcheAge Begins is based on the PC MMORPG, ArcheAge and shares the same universe created by renowned Korean fantasy author Min-hee Jeon. ArcheAge Begins is developed with Unreal 4 engine. Players will be able to control their teams using the new “flip-style” battle method, which allows players to perform skills with ease on mobile devices. There are both single-player and multiplayer gameplay modes for players ; players can participate in real-time Raids with other users across the globe. Finally, they can enjoy ArcheAge Begins’ “life style” features such as fishing, trading and commerce.

Compelling storyline!

- Unravel the mystery that took place 2,000 years prior to ArcheAge.

- Plunge into the riveting story that started it all.

Unique features optimized for mobile!

- Collect materials through fishing and raising livestock.

- Use the gathered materials to manufacture and trade goods.

- Plunder merchant vessels to earn gold!

- Sell Specialty Goods at the auction house! It's the fastest way to build wealth!

Diverse battles modes!

- Conquer Auroria in Territory Battle and become a liege lord.

- Dominate the battleground by taking control of all 4 characters.

- Single-player, Boss Raid, and other various battle modes available.




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