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Diosa Force is a Android Free-to-play , Role-Playing Multiplayer Game .

Legend, the goddess of the creation of the goddess of the place of depression, exists in the four elements outside the mainland, the mysterious and calm Yate Milano village, actually began to produce elements of violent and chaotic mutation: water wells, fire, Liquefaction, wind ... stopped Twilight, a large number of elements of pollution of the monster, so endless birth and was summoned.

With the bloody dawn, three Yate Milano village juvenile girl, in the element of the monster with the confrontation, the goddess of the miraculously sent to the "empty island" - the wizard and the Dragon Knights of the elements of the mainland.

As the power of the goddess of their ability to successfully find the fate of the knights in the demons of the confrontation, the timely rescue of the brink of collapse of the elements of the world.

Battle is no longer brainless! Monster singing destruction of magic, see the opportunity to interrupt the magic, thinking about the best skills to create damage to maximize, together to save the collapse of the world to rise it!

Mutation of the giant monster hidden in the space-time battlefield, build partners together to meet the challenges of outsiders! Whether it is chosen to stand in the forefront to become a strong shield, or to find the best output position to become a sharp spear, earn merit on the whole continent!




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