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Pirates War The Dice King
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Pirates War The Dice King is a Android Free to play, Board Strategy Multiplayer Game .

As a mighty pirate captain it is your job to build your own pirate crew and use strategy to win the battle!!

Get your skills ready and start building fortresses, fighting the navy, and plundering far away lands!

Play online against people from all over the world and see your crew become stronger as you achieve victory!


- Battle players from around the world in real-time

- Collect captains, ships and pirates to build your own pirate crew

- Upgrade your captains, ships and pirates to strengthen your pirate crew

- Different pirate combinations provide you with different skills to use on the board

- Experiment with different crews for different styles of gameplay

- Experience each captain's rich stories through a Single Player campaign

- Play Casually with people around the world, or try out Ranked mode for a bigger challenge

- Play online matches with your Facebook friends



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