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DC Universe Online
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DC Universe Online is a 3D Action (Hero) MMO Game.

The story of DC Universe Online is: - Brainiac, the Kryptonian AI with endless aspirations of galactic domination, has launched a successful surprise attack on Earth while the various heroes and villains were busy fighting amongst themselves. Lex Luthor, one of the sole survivors of this incident, has managed to travel back in time and warn the Justice League about the impending attack. He also brought back with him Exobytes, small robots holding the powers of the various heroes and villains from the future, and set them loose onto Earth, granting powers to thousands of ordinary citizens and bolstering the ranks of superhumans to fight Brainiac. You play as one of these new heroes or villains, with the ability to fully customize your appearance, power, abilities, and weapons from the outset.

The character creation is limited in options, copmarat with other similar games of action , though you can make a character similar to what you have in mind. I would say customization options are higher than average.

Using a mixture between classic button mashing action games and MMOs DCUO's fighting style is one in games like We have seen action Vindictus and Other MMOs. Though the flashy add more to it Powers, the basic concept is to get to start killing enemies Than mission. Every quest feels exactly the same, it makes the game get boring really fast. The story of quests change a little, but mechanically most are the same. You are killing some mobs, transforming citizens in some way, or carrying some Orb to the other side of the quest area.

The biggest frustration is that the respawn rate, the fun stops after running halfway across the map every time you die to get back to the questing area.

The game is a good recommendation for the second game on which to play from time to time but that's just all, good graphics may grow it in the eyes of the players but the gameplay still repetitive and boring remains.


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