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Art of Conquest
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Art of Conquest is a Android Free to play, hybrid Strategy , Multiplayer Game featuring SIX embittered kingdoms strive to survive.

In Art of Conquest , you play a Commander for one of the six mighty kingdoms of Nore. Once you decide, it's time to conquer in your Kingdom's name. Recruit an army of diverse troops and legendary heroes to explore a world filled with monstrous enemies, immersive quests, and unfathomable treasure.

There's no time to waste in war thanks to Art of Conquest's fast-paced combat, full of the complexities and the challenge you've come to expect from the best RTS's. Level up your heroes with new abilities and equipment to prove your dominance on the battlefield. With the spoils of war comes greater power. Upgrade your castle to unlock access to new buildings, more powerful troop types, and stronger defenses.

Game Features :

- 5 playable races including Dwarfs, Humans, and Lich.

- 20 hero units that can use special abilities in battle.

- 6 kingdoms to fight for or against.

- Over 150 units to train and recruit.

- Real-time combat with abilities and spells.

- RPG card system for abilities.

- RPG elements including hero and troop progression.

- Persistent map means battles are fought over real locations.

- Guild cities, and siege warfare.

- Territory warfare.

- Send out resource carts to bring home resources.

- Help allies by reinforcing their city walls or lending them troops in battle.

- Freedom of choice - stay and level up your city, fight PVE monsters or head to real-time PVP battles.




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