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Might and Mayhem
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Might and Mayhem is a Free-to-play , Battle Strategy Multiplayer Game featuring live PvP battles .

Might & Mayhem is a turn-based strategy rpg featuring live PvP battles, alliances and epic single-player quests.

Bring the Mayhem. Fight for Might! - King Dragon's flames burned away the old realm, and his monsters rule the ashes. But an ember of hope still flickers, waiting for the right hero to rekindle it: You! Assemble your team of knights, bandits, wizards, goblins, robots and monsters, and strike out for adventure.

Create new strategies with different fighter combinations and customize your troops with battle-changing items to destroy the competition and loot them for treasure. Conquer the Lost Kingdom and defeat King Dragon to save the realm, and become a Legendary Hero. Glory is YOURS for the taking!


- BATTLE your friends and foes in live PvP battles

- QUEST for glory with single-player missions and epic boss fights

- LOOT enemies for gold and lost treasure

- CREATE an army of heroes from across the realm

- EXPLORE the Lost Kingdom in stunning 3D environments

- EVOLVE your troops from scrappy fighters to elite warriors

- CUSTOMIZE fighters by equipping battle-changing items

- DISCOVER new strategies with different fighter combinations




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