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Majestia is a Android Free 2 play, Turn-Based Strategy Multiplayer Game featuring real-time strategic battles .

Majestia , a real-time tactical action RPG now available on the App Store and Google Play Store in over 150 countries.

In the perilous dimension known as the medium world, there are no rules of engagement. The stage is set for mythological gods, monsters, and legends of history to battle to reclaim their shattered and scattered souls.

Battles in Majestia are not for the faint of heart. Each PvP battle may be approached with a different strategy and plan. You can play defensively, relying on your strength and resources to carry you through the battle. Or you can take the offensive and use your powerful roster of heroes and tactics to push through your opponent’s fortifications. Or use a mixture of the two. The flow of battle is entirely up to you.

Using a vast inventory of legendary characters from Greek and Norse Mythology to history’s greatest warriors, mix and match to create your ultimate team. Pit demons and orcs against historical figures like Abraham Lincoln or Napoleon or fight elves and nymphs with Greek gods and legends. Choose your combatants from one of the game’s five unions: Eastern, Western, Olympus, Fantasy and Dark to lead a platoon made up of riders, spearmen, and infantrymen. Majestia offers fans of the tactical RPG genre an intense gaming experience that seamlessly blends strategy and non-stop action.

Game Features :

- Eternal life with thrilling strategic battles , Enter Majestia for the ultimate strategic battle!

- Battle of Legendary Heroes , From King Arthur, Napoleon, to Genghis Khan! Strategic battle fantasy with legends! Various Heroes of 5 different unions: Eastern, Western, Olympus, Fantasy, and Dark!

- Battle in the Dynamic Battlefield , Use tactics such as United Attack, Deception, and Supply Route to claim victory! Command the legends to defeat the enemy, occupy the headquarter, and acquire points!

- Battle with your Friends , Duke it out with real-time strategic battles! Compete against users from all over the world in the global ranking!




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