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Kitsu Saga
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Kitsu Saga is a martial arts themed MMORPG.

The Kitsu

In Kitsu Saga, you can raise little fox spirits called the Kitsu. These guys help you in battle, pick up your loot, as well as take care of all your crafting and farming! You can warp to your personal Kitsu

Cottage where you can interact with your Kitsu and watch them as they work.

To keep up with the combat in Kitsu Saga, you will need to master your chi! Some spells give you Chi, while others spend it. Learn to find that balance and you will never stop attacking.

Keep record of your trophies! Half the fun of an MMO is tackling those punishing bosses and getting sweet loot! With Kitsu Saga's archive system, you can keep record of all your top kills and best items- which you can trade between your characters.

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