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Charming Runes
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Charming Runes is a Android Free-to-play , Arcade Strategy Game featuring fantastical effects.

Mine for enchanted runes! Bounce magical pickaxes off walls for multiple hits!

Cutting through the sedimentary is elementary! Line up the perfect shot in Charming Runes, the magical block-breaking game. Explore below Fairylandia with volatile RuneBooms, powerful RuneSmashers and corner-defying RuneScopes. Use your wits to design perfect, magic-filled moves to clear the way with a simple touch and slide.

some Game Features :

- Block breaking with charm!

- Collect axes!

- Make use of exploding runes!

- Fire bank shots off corners and diamonds

- Collect more axes!

- 10 new miners to collect, each with something to say!

- Daily Challenges! Win a treasure-filled Loot Rune each day!

- New blocks! Ice blocks slide, while Slime Blocks shloop up pickaxes!

- Purchased boosts now give you a bonus heart to try them out!

- More fantastical effects to make Charming Runes even more magical!




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