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Fantasy War Tactics R
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Fantasy War Tactics R is a Android Free to play, Role-Playing Strategy Multiplayer Game played on Turns TBS .

As an ambitious wizard bent on conquering the world, players make their way through Fantasy War Tactics R utilizing their heroes’ character skills, the terrain around them, and their friends to help them in the heat of battle.

Variety of Game modes, with variety of strategy! Hero-collecting RPG! Fantasy War Tactics R!

- Scenario Mode - Become a Lord who dares to conquer the world! Recruit heroes and take over the world!

- Hero Growth Mode - Essential dungeon for your Heroes’ growth, Pit of Nephthys The island where ancient time travelers appear, Lost Island, Index of every knowledge on universe, Skybrary

- Challenge Mode - Unveil the mystical voice that echoes from top of the tower, Tower of Dawn

- VS Mode - Battle with other Lords and raise your honor, Battle of Honor, Virtual enemies waiting at virtual dimensions, Dimensional Breakthrough, Raid with your Guildsmen, Fortress of Darkness

- Convenience Mode - Analyze the unknown Genes into Heroes’ Genes, Laboratory

Lords, send heroes on expeditions to areas you have conquered, Expedition



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