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Empire and Clan
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Empire and Clan is a Free Android , Turn-Based Strategy TBS, Multiplayer Game featuring the epic stories of the Champions.

Empire and Clan is a turn-based role-playing game. In the game, you will be able to explore the vast Americas and the epic stories of the Champions. Create your own formation of Champions of different classes to fight the strong enemies. 30 Champions from 2 factions await your summons. Each of them carries unique skills, allowing you to form a unique team!

Game Key Features :

1. Creative Gameplay

The game is a blend of tactical turn-based game and role-playing game. Recruit various Warriors, Assassins, Warlocks and Mages to fight the other players in the Arena.

2. Matchmaking Ladder

Match players of different server and different rank instantly. The best way to examine your formation.

3. Stunning Skills

Hundreds of magical skills are in your hand

4. Legion War

Join forces with your friends to engage in the skirmishes between legions. Fight for the honor of the Clans




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