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Mob of Monsters
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Mob of Monsters is a Free 2 play, Android , Role-Playing Action Multiplayer Game featuring spooky! unique Monster.

Mob of Monsters , a 3D adventure mobile game filled with hundreds of mysterious, devilish and playful monsters, which have awesome combat skills. They will continuously surprise you and wreck your gaming world! Come and follow Little Devil, Vampires, Frankenstein, and Mummy! Enjoy the game, have fun and beat your opponents!

- Monster Avengers! Lead you to the fantastic adventures!

The strongest Monster team is right in your pocket!

Funny Monsters: Werewolf, Loki, Mummy and others

Collect all of them! Challenge! Upgrade! Form Team! Duel!

- Spooky! Unique Monster Ultimate Skills!

Curse, Head Throwing, Bandage Swing, Kitchen Knife Slice and more

All sort of monster abilities for you to use!

- Form Monsters Team: 3 Vs 3! Cooperate and Duel!

Cross-server 3 Vs 3 battles: select monster mate and battle other players!

300 seconds duel to death – crush your opponents!

- Monsters Guild: Unite the best and RAID!

Guild wars: raid the Town, castles and Monsters city.

Challenge each guild’s strength and battle strategies.

- Monster Buddies: Co-op with friends and defeat the BOSS

Descend of scary BOSS! Resist and Fight back!

Stop fighting alone: take your friends and fight together!

- Monster Training: Challenge the 12 Palaces!

Single player system: Bronze, Silver and GOLD difficulty levels.

Unlock all levels and challenge it once per day, win treasure chests and precious items.

Moreover, the chance to meet mystery merchant with rare items.



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