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Monster The Last Weapon
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Monster The Last Weapon is a Android Free 2 play, Action Role-Playing ARPG, MMO Game.

Monster The Last Weapon 몬스터:최종병기 is an online mobile game, RPG Role Playing Game, is free to play on Android devices, from Gamepub.

▶ can not stop once you start action

- extreme impacts caused by high-quality graphics and gorgeous effects

- homemade exhilarating enjoying the air strikes and combos Action!

▶ 4 kinds job, free cheinjing weapons system!

- The weapons are different, even different actions

- cheinjing all the rods, books, sword, bow four kinds of weapons, depending on the combat style

▶ Goku, Journey to the West, such as Pigsy with legendary heroes in!

- together with a variety of exciting action hero to emerge in the Journey to the West

- adventure, activate unique skills of each hero and leaving Goku!

▶ is the King Let ruled the country!

- 3 unfolding in the country is a hot war between countries

- You can be a king

▶ Make a Monster class content experience beyond the limits!

- General dungeons, arenas, World BOSS, various guild dungeon dungeons, fishing, etc.

- National convoys, border arson enemy reconnaissance, combat between the various countries, such as border battle!

▶ Monsters: Meet the first to the latest game information in the final stage formal cafe!



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