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Sand Dollar City
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Sand Dollar City is an Browser Based, Store Economic Manager Game taking place under water.

The story: - You just returned from the university to finde that greedy Kelp King has crashed your family's candy shop (mainly becouse they spend all the money with your education) and now only you can restore it to greatness.

Everything takes place in a beautiful underwater, colorful world. Graphically speaking the game looks pretty good especially since it is in in two dimensions (2D).

Gameplay itself of the game is fairly simple you just take care of candy a shop (store inherited from parents). You will also need to dive for exotic ingredients and treasures, Face angry sea creatures! Discover new recipes and secret places. With the ingredients gathered you can prepare sweets recipes which, you guessed it, you will sell and make profit. Since the store isn't persistently open, it gives you the freedom to focus on that aspect of the game only when you feel like it. From here begins the interesting part, namely, that you can open bank accounts and charge interest (which in the game is very high), credit cards and you will help parents to gather their retirement fund which they have spent to yours university education, it's the least you could do after they raised you. The game mixes light business management and exploration elements and combines them, a very good idea that they chose to do so especially as the scuba diving, to find new ingredients and buried treasure, can become boring after long period of time playing. Quests are quite interesting and made me even read them not only to give repeatedly key presses.

Overall the game will fascinated you with the combination of economic management and exploring action of the caves beneath the city fom the game.



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