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Mystic Heroes is a Android Free-to-play , Role Playing Multiplayer Game featuring over 100 animated characters.

The Nobis Continent is under attack by the priests of darkness. Fight on to save the kingdom with heroes! Get a team together and lead them to battle!

- Meet all the cool and edgy characters you could ask for.

Fight battles alongside characters with special skills and abilities.

Wield an impressive assortment of skills!

It's time to show your enemies what you're made of!

- Simple, fast-paced, and strategic.

Pull back when you're in danger, and counterattack when the time is right!

Precisely control your units to keep the enemy in check!

Incorporate tank maneuvers into your trap usage and NPC unit operations

to topple enemy gates quickly!

- Choose from a range of battle modes

A variety of enemies at each stage!

Enjoy the thrill of suspense and adventure as you fight in battles!

Conquer world bosses with the aid of elite units.

Prove your strength in a variety of battle modes!

- Changing missions satisfy your five senses.

No two heroes are alike.

Accompany them on missions to acquire great rewards!

Game Features:

- Choose from over 100 animated characters. Collect Soulstones to summon even more comrades.

- Use upgrades, promotions, and awakening to power up your characters! Develop your own elite units!

Combine different units to make even difficult stages a breeze.

- Amazing attack skills! Use skills and items to your advantage in battles.

- World bosses, the Arena, and day/special dungeons make this an unforgettable gaming experience!

- Use the triad of water, fire, and nature to strategically fight your enemies!


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