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Ovario (
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Ovario ( is a Free Browser Based, PvP Arena Multiplayer Game populated by a variety of colourful, bad-ass sperm. is a game of sperm, yes sperm, that’s all about getting to the eggs, called Ovarios, first. The aim of the game is to win as many Ovarios as possible before you die. Battle other players and race your little swimmers to be the first to reach the Ovarios and fertilise them. Once you've made them yours then an Ovario will become a turret emitting bullets deadly to alien sperms, therefore damaging your opponents and giving you ultimate baby-making bragging rights.

Players can choose from a range of funky sperm characters such as the Cluster, a group of flocking little spermatozoa; the Tank, a slow-moving heavy attacker; the Soldier, a balance between strength and speed; the Scout, a far-sighted, fast but weak sperm or the Ghost, a spooky guy with the power to dematerialise.

It is cheeky, irreverent, easy to play, but tricky to dominate. If was the Sex Pistols, then our games are Blondie. There is a market for web-based super-fun, casual, multiplayer games like that look and feel as gorgeous as a mobile or console game.



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