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Legacy Quest Rise of Heroes
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Legacy Quest Rise of Heroes is a Android Free-to-play , Turn-Based Role Playing Strategy Multiplayer Game featuring huge, loveable world.

In Legacy Quest Rise of Heroes players take up the battle to save a crumbling, magical world in-need of mighty heroes to unite humans, orcs, ogres, goblins, giant grumpy trees, and more to annihilate armies of evil monsters trying to destroy a once peaceful world. Recruit dozens of powerful humans, goblins, orcs and more, and lead them into tactically deep turn-based battle. Train newly recruited heroes, unlock awe-inspiring attacks, and dominate players from all over the world in weekly PVP arena events!

Game Features:

- Huge, loveable world - Explore over 400 dungeons, with 100 new dungeons planned this year!

- Tactical battles: Position your squad tactically, slay any monsters who get in your way!

- 5 playable classes - Attack, Defense, Balance, Area Attack and Support!

- Over 30 powerful heroes to collect: Collect and train your squad of heroes and send them into combat!

- Rare and ultra-rare gear - Over 250 rare and ultra-rare set items to collect!

- Weekly PvP events: Weekly PvP arena events competing against other players for rare loot and heroes!

- Monthly hero events - Regular rare hero events to collect the hardest to find heroes!


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