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Disorder The Lost Prince
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Disorder The Lost Prince is a Android Free 2 Play, side-scrolling Action Role Playing Multiplayer Game featuring a new sensation of co-op multiplayer.

Introduction - The side-scrolling action RPG that you have been waiting for!

Experience the exquisite combination of co-op action gerne and RPG!

Introducing a new sensation of co-op multiplayer

- Multi-player mode that you can freely join your friend anytime, everywhere.

- Difficulty will be automatically adjusted as more people joined your adventure!

Create your own combo with endless skill combinations

- Take command and feel the combo action of fighting game!

- Use your own skill combos and win your own battle!

Scenario mode and character story

- Thrilling boss fight with various attack patterns of big boss such as dragon and bug bear.

- Character appearance will change according to your equipment! Show off your taste!

Fierce fighting game! PVP system

- Defeat your opponent with your skill on 1:1 PVP system

- Overpower your opponents in the 8 free-for-all battle!

- Countless combination of control and combo! Enjoy the thrill of the battle!

Endless Challenges

- Defeat the boss in real time with your friends!

- Join forces with your friends and defeat awakened monsters in Awakening Raid System

- Explore the daily dungeon and earn special rewards every day!

- Prove your skills in the endless battle within the limited time



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