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Little Space Heroes
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Little Space Heroes is a 2D Browser Based Story driven Online social Game designed for kids age 6 – 12.

Little Space Heroes is Rated E (for Everyone) and encourage players to create their own Space Hero and embark on an intergalactic adventure, in the process you learn how to use your Jet Pack, Bubble Blaster and Star Jet.

The story is simple and involves a pirate Lord Shadowbot who steals the “Glows” out of a peaceful galaxy and now you will help find the “Glows” and the pirate Lord Shadowbot. Is simple and to the point without much pretense.

Before starting the actual game you can choose various options for the chosen character such as color costume and skin color but that's all ... oh and the hero name, there are not many choices but I think we can go pretty easily over this deficiency. The world game is 2D, colored in vivid color is exactly as we expected from a game for children 6 years to 12 years, I could say it looks really nice in some places and even add this to the pluses of the game.

The actual Gameplay consists of, actually, many smaller games such as racing spacecraft, the destruction of small asteroids and many more games like this. Several small games instead of larger one it's a good idea and certainly help the player to not quickly get bored of the same gameplay.

Overall I'd say it's a nice little game that you can enjoy even if you're an adult and not a 6 year old, it just goes to show, there's still a kid in all of us!




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