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Immortal Conquest Europe
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Immortal Conquest Europe is a Android Free-to-play, Strategy Role-Playing MMO Game set in a fantastical faraway land with territory objective gameplay.

Immortal Conquest Europe is a free strategy MMO war game set in a fantastical faraway land with territory objective gameplay. Players can collect the power from myriad immortals to lead your soldiers in battle. There are over 300 immortals like Cronus from ‘Titan’, Poseidon from ‘Olympus’, Horus from ‘Ancient Egypt’, Lancelot from ‘Celts’, and Odin from ‘Nordic’ Mythology. There are hundreds of skills and thousands of strategic combinations in each. Lightning cracks and Thor's mighty hammer SMASHES down…In this divided world with different civilization and full of chaos, conquering is the best way to stop bloodshed. Forge your empire, crush the stronghold and create a europa legend with your allies from all over the Europe. Let the world domination start.

Key Features:

- Expand your territory across a vast map of over 2 million pieces of land

- Select YOUR Immortal Gairo such as Zeus, Thor, Arthur and Anubis! More than 300 Immortals!

- Hundreds of skills for your Immortals to learn which provides limitless combinations and strategies

- Battle tactics and diplomacy are key to achieve your ambitions.

- Join an alliance with other players to fight for resources and defend your territory

- Fight with your allies to occupy cities across the vast map and to become the leader of the entire world.

- Limited space and limited resources, so choose your alliances carefully!



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