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Mighty Party
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Mighty Party is a F2P Collectible Card, Strategy Multiplayer Game CCG, featuring tile-based and fast-paced innovative battle system.

Mighty Party an online card collectible RPG strategy that puts players at the fantastic World of Pangea. Each player has an opportunity to use their tactical and strategy skills on the battlefield against others. The game has high-quality Chiby-style graphics and animation. Images of characters are detailed designed, so it’s easy to remember them and to associate them with their skills. This allows players to navigate the battlefield easy and quickly.

Despite the fact that the developers are trying to keep the game very casual, the rule "easy to learn, hard to master" will be saved too. That’s why “Mighty Party” will be interesting for any type of player. In addition to performing standard tasks at the moment we see five different game modes:

- Standard PvP fights where a player fights with earlier collected armies against other players, rising up the rating table;

- Tournaments with elimination fights where players can get rare epic awards;

- Divine Arena where players get random high-level cards. In this mode players hone different tactics before collecting particular cards and evolve them;

- Survival where player is fighting against others until two fails. The Reward in this mode is rare currency which will give you a possibility to receive special items;

- Journey - PvE mode that puts players to learn the history at the Pangea’s World and open new opportunities for their deck.



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