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FZ9 Timeshift
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FZ9 Timeshift is a Android F2P, bullet time Action Shooter Multiplayer Game featuring an in-depth upgrade system.

FZ9: Timeshift is all about headshots – with a perfectly-tuned “bullet time” gameplay mechanic and console-grade graphics. Play as Mak – an American soldier missing in action who finds himself able to freeze time. Wield fan favorites such as the Glock 17, AK-47, and M4A1 – and shoot your way through more than 30 single-player missions ... unlocking special skills and abilities as you leave a trail of bodies in your wake. Need more firepower? The in-depth upgrade system makes it easy to either boost the capabilities of existing weapons or create your own from parts stashed in the Armory.

After the single-player campaign, it’s time to challenge yourself with a variety of bonus game modes including online-enabled time trials (players compete for the best time in each level), resource-gathering Cycle Missions, and even Weekly Challenges!

The World of FZ9 Timeshift: - In 1954, nuclear and bioweapon threats force the United States to secretly develop “Project FZ” – culminating in the creation of a serum that allows soldiers to control time. In 1979, Project FZ produces its first fully functional sample – code-named “FZ9.” Mak, a government agent, is hand-picked to be the first test subject. Following the experiment, Mak is transported to the Oymyakon mountain range - where he enters hibernation...

Fast forward 40 years into the future, where the Cold War is nothing but a distant memory. The AS terror organization has taken advantage of the post-war chaos and has spread to Russia and surrounding countries. Headquartered in the Sakha Republic, the AS begins an aggressive expansion by taking over nearby territories – when it accidentally stumbles on the remains of Project FZ. Alerted to the project’s unplanned reactivation, the U.S. government immediately assembles a rescue mission to protect Project FZ ... and bring Mak home.




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