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Last Chaos
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LastChaos is a MMORPG a moderate decent, fun game and a solid skill system.

You start off in the game by choosing a class Titan, Mage, Sorcerer, Rogue, Healer, Knight, and you then follow through in the game with the attributes that follow your class. You can also do other things like mining, herblore, and energy collecting to help you in your travels.

Later on in the game, you get to choose between a dragon or a horse mount. You can either buy one from another player, or you can raise them from birth until they are good enough to become your mount. Another unique aspect of this game is it's merchanting system. You can setup a "store" where people can visit without you having to be there at the computer. You could leave it on over-night and wake up in the morning to see everything in your store has sold. I would recommend this game to anyone who is bored of their current selection of games, or who is in between games coming out. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this game for first time MMORPGers because of it's mild complexity, but of corse if you like that it wil be ok.


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