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Dragonstone Guilds and Heroes
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Dragonstone Guilds and Heroes is a Android F2P, Role-Playing RPG, Multiplayer Game where the action is endless and the treasures are plentiful.

Dragonstone Guilds and Heroes - jump in and recruit your heroes to explore the open world. Take parties from your city into enemy lands and battle epic monsters! Take up arms against others in synchronous, real-time PVP! The action is endless and the treasures are plentiful!

Carefully assemble the greatest team of warriors, archers, brutes, and many more!

Defend your city and crush your enemies!

Game Features:

- Real-time PVP, Battle others in synchronous, turn based battle!

Spectate live battles of other players!

- Open World, Build out your village or start encampments anywhere in the world! Endless places to explore and enemies to destroy! Constantly changing world, always new adventures to be found!

- Enormous Campaign, Battle 15 bosses in the epic campaign mode! Battle through increasingly difficult dungeons to acquire resources!

- Guilds, Start or join a guild! Share troops with guild members to win the toughest battles! Plan your attack against enemies in guild chat!

- Earn and Discover New Loot, Win chests in battle! Complete raids for resources to unlock chests faster! Every chest contains valuable and useful items!

- Chat, Chat with all players in global chat! Share best tactics and strategies with your guild!

- Customize Your Heroes, Choose your hero’s armor and weapons! Hatch Eggs and get Pets for your hero! Level up and evolve your hero and their equipment!




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