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Goalunited PRO football manager for experts
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Goalunited PRO football manager for experts is a multiplatform, Football Management simulation MMO Game where you lead your professional club to soccer worlds glory.

For everyone that has always known better than the Coach. For the strategists that smirk at “Kick and Rush” and for all the wild ones that go no other way. For those that follow each transfer with a racing heart and for those that would rather run naked through the snow than to sport the wrong colours. For everyone that sits in the bus for 10 hours to come home with the best stories.

For all those for which a football is more than just a ball. For you!

What can you expect in goalunited PRO?

In goalunited Pro all your skills as manager are needed. Compete online with thousands of other players, in real time and completely free. Countless strategies and practically limitless gaming depth offer a never-ending supply of challenges. Are you ready?

Limitless gaming depth with real opponents

If it isn’t enough for you to place 11 players, set a formation and a tactic, then you are at the right place. If you want to create a world class club, you have to build your stadium into a world class arena. That also means working with your youth team, planning training and analyzing your opponents.

There are thousands of managers that compete with you for the best players on the real time transfer market, and in the end, for the championship.

League system and international competitions

Choose from over 30 league trees. League matches are twice a week. In real time matches you show your skills and collect points for the championship. Too easy? In the national cup you have the chance to win an additional title, given that you win every match. For the really ambitious, the international sector calls. Beat out the best in the world and win the triple with your team.

Squad, training and line-up

The perfect team is in your hands. The strongest players are not only physically fit, but also have the right personality and special talents. In training you decide if you want to create specialists or balanced players.

You also have the choice in the line-up. Different formations, offensive and defensive tactics, high or low effort give you the option to put your personal spin on your matches. Are you going to place the best players, or the best team?

Stadium complex, youth and online transfer market

Wooden stands or football temple, simple training pitch or youth academy, snack bar or restaurant? Only if you invest will you earn big. Find the super stars of tomorrow in your own youth, train them and bring them into your main team. Your team needs a world star? No problem! On the online transfer market you can find young stars as well as veterans that can become the poster child of your team. But careful: You are not the only manager reaching for the stars. The right instincts and smart negotiations push you ahead.

Finances, staff and merchandising

The club finances are fully under your control. Find the fitting sponsors, secure investments and hire the right staff. Does your coach have the right plan? Are your doctor and physical therapist ready to keep your players in shape? How many talents can your youth trainer find for you? You decide who pushes your team ahead and who has to be replaced.

Produce your own memorabilia: Scarfs, cups, watches and much more. Your fans want to show off their team with pride.

Live ticker, match report and 1on1

In the live ticker you can follow your matches and react during half time if you want to make changes. Watch your matches, analyze the match reports and make the right decisions for the next match. Even if no match is coming up, you can fulfill your goal hunger. Challenge a friend, compete with random managers and dominate 1on1 challenges. Prizes, trophies and unlimited glory are waiting for you. Can you create an unbeatable team?



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