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Glory Ridge is a Android Free-to-play, Strategy Role-Player RPG, MMO Game set in a classic Medieval Fantasy World.

Glory Ridge is set as a classic medieval fantasy style SRPG game.The art of this game is very exquisite and you have more than 10 strong heroes to choose from. Glory Ridge presents the players a game in which you can create your own city, in order to build your own empire.Simultaneously, it gives the player an opportunity to create huge alliances with several of the most powerful domains of the world.During peaceful times, gather your best explorers and hunt for treasures to increase your power! If you feel like, bring war and enter fiery battles while you see the world burn as you conquest and unite it! Alliances will face fierce BOSS battles which grant amazing rewards, however, BOSS battles can also become your worst nightmare.Players who love building grandiose cities and fighting for the world will certainly enjoy this game.Defend your city, attack other players and set fire to the world.For centuries, no Empire has dared to get hold of the whole world, will you?

Glory Ridge’s Features

Burn your brain while strategically distributing your army in turn-based battles.

A turn-based SRPG with an amazing art and amazing AI simulator.Invite the whole world into your smartphone in PVP and PVE fights!Are you the one who will have hold of this power in his hands?

A Classic Medieval Fantasy Style SRPG

Build your city amidst this Age’s chaos, be the one to create the biggest alliance in this world.

Improve your power and level in many different ways, become this fantasy’s highest ruler! Create your own hero and develop his abilities, strengthen your equipment and army!




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