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RaiderZ a new free to play game announced by Frogster

RaiderZ a new free to play game announced by Frogster

Sunday, 06 November 2011 10:04 mmoraw
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RaiderZ, the new Role Playing MMO Game from Frogster and will be free to play and has some interesting features.

The game is planned to come out with six playable classes and has the following distinctive features:

- No Class Restrictions. No predefined character classes. Create a truly unique avatar by choosing your own special skill set from more than 350 talents.

- Exhilarating Combat. Enjoy a dynamic non-targeting combat system which will challenge even the most hardcore players. Try to stay out of your enemy’s range to avoid getting pulverized.

- Gigantic Monsters. Fight against huge monsters, tear them to bits and use the pieces to your advantage in the next battle.

- Counterattack. Collect parts from your enemies and turn their weapons against them. That could mean better gear for your character or even temporary buffs.

In theory seems to be an interesting game hopefully we will not disappoint, wee just have to have patience until will be launched or if we are lucky until the closed beta.


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