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Heroes of Sky Shooting RPG
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Heroes of Sky Shooting RPG is a Android Free-to-play, Role-Playing arcade Shooter Multiplayer Game featuring easy control, smooth graphic and bullet hell.

Heroes of Sky Shooting RPG (Free to Play), excellent concept mixing an arcade shooter with RPG. Easy control, smooth graphic, bullet hell. Memories arcade shooting.

Game Features:

- Unique Heroes! Flight and Fight as Summoner's Wings!

- Various Patterns! Try the diverse difficulty levels with over 100 patterns.

Bravely defeat the enormous boss.

- Collection! Summons the unique heroes. (Updates will be continuous.)

Equip over 100 types of artifacts and gears. powerful your heroes.

- Various game modes! Senario Mode(stage dungeon), Infinite challenge Mode, PVP Arena, Daily Battlefield, and Guild Raid...

- Upgrade Heroes! Upgrades the hero's missiles, skills, and bombs!

Build up the artifacts and compete with users from all over the world!

- Guild Mode! Gather your friends to create a guild, receive various rewards and compete!

- The Best Team! Create the best squad(party) and compete with users from all over the world!

- Play the game for free, but it includes paid items. Please note that actual billing occurs.



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