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Brawl Busters
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Brawl Busters is a fast paced fighting, Action MMO Game.

Brawl Busters have a good number of customization option for each of it 5 classes (probably will be added more later) which are varied and differ much from each other from the close combat to those that make damage from distance, players have a fairly large variety of choice.

In this game everything revolves around the eternal confrontation between players (famous player versus player system) it is true the game has a single player, but it seems to be something secondary and act more like a tutorial. Controls are few, easy to learn and does require a resistant keyboard because you going to press the same buttons again and again like obsessive people and certainly a shaky keyboards will not last long. If you ask me the game fails to motivate players to more than 30 continuous minutes of play, but what does it matter if they are fast and action packed dementia.

The graphics look good and is well brought in the period of our time with realistic shadows and decent special effects. The soundtrack does not disappoint and managed to keep players in for a few minutes more, here and there manages to motivate the bored and tired player of so much repetitive action.

Do not imagine that the game has something original, he is inspired at least partially if not totally from Team Fortress 2 and MicroVolts, so ultimately, overall the game disappoint and on the other hand do nothing wrong only with the lack of inspiration and originality of game producers, maybe we will have better luck next time.

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