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Vongola Battle
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Vongola Battle is a Android Free-to-play, manga Colectible Card, Multiplayer Game featuring tons of items, senior guardians and rare equipment.

Vongola Battle is originated from the manga. It has collected diversified original characters, free! tons of items, senior guardians, rare equipment, and benefits are all free to claim!

Guardian training, box weapons and treasure fight are waiting for you! Strongest PVP and the most stunning PVE! Let's experience the fierce battle in Namimori Middle School! Fight for your famiglia! Come, boss! Your guardians are ready now! Let's give the bad guys a brilliant blow!

Game Features:

- Original Dubbing, Original dubbing provided by the great dub team

- Recollection, All players become mafias to fight for their famiglias

- Featured Dungeon, Rings Battle in the fictional world

- Featured Battle, Guardians joint attack, experience cool battles

- Four Factions, Match freely with various partners

Ignite the flame on your head, grow up to protect partners! Boss, let's kick-start a glorious journey of the strongest mafia! The ring on the finger will always mark the time!



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