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Golden Age Online
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Golden Age Online is a 2D Browser Based Strategy castle based MMO Games.

The Story: "Golden Age introduces a fellow knight said to have received a map to a lost continent from Molay himself. At Molay’s request, the knight secretly leads 400 Knights Templar to safety in these unknown lands. Players enter the tumultuous Golden Age setting shortly following the Templars’ discovery and colonization of the mysterious treasure-filled region, and must defend their developing fortresses from oncoming waves of greedy plunderers.”

The game does not differ much from recipe for strategies with castles, you are given a city that you, skillful strategist, you'll raise and going to conquer other players and so will become the largest in the kingdom, nothing special I'd say.

Golden Age is very similar to other free to play strategy castle based games but it also has something extra that sets it apart from the rest such as, you have your character that you walk around as talking to people within the main city getting quests selling and trading between players and npc's, there are dungeons instances that you can do with your heroe's as well rather than just attacking wilderness and other players. The actual fight is based on cards that collide causing damage to each other , yes I know I was disappointed to I expected at least a 2D representation of the units, so the battle style is definitively a card based style. Dont let that stop you from trying this game, battles are short with little delay and not causing players to get bored like most, what could I say more than to try it if you love strategies for browser.



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