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God Wars is a Free-to-play, Fantasy Role-Playing RPG, MMO Game.

God Wars is a captivating Western fantasy game from R2. Players recruit heroes of different races to fight with them and eliminate the invading demons. While resisting the demon invasion, players will also build their own city and forge a true nation. The game offers a refreshing combat experience, realistic areas, and real-time skill selection. Players will not only have a great battle experience but the strategic elements will test player's wisdom and control of the situation. Additionally, players can also build a city. Through improvements to buildings in their city, they will also increase their own abilities, making it easier to eliminate the invading demons. The game's wealth of gameplay, interactions, and interesting events provide players with multiple ways to play. Finally the player will eliminate all the demons with the help of their hero comrades and save the land!

- Hero Battles, Race Suppression, Players can recruit different heroes in the game. Each hero has their own race attributes and battle role. There are suppression relationships between the different races, so in PVP the heroes you choose and the position you deploy them in is very important.

- Potential for Development: Build Your Own City! While the player has to stop the invading demons, they will also need to build a pure land. This pure land is at the center of God Wars. Through building a city, players will gain powerful attribute bonuses to help them destroy the demon hordes.

- Build and Level Up Buildings to Improve Your Abilities, There are a lot of buildings in the city. These buildings will improve the attributes of all your heroes and the protagonist. It also houses the altars where you can recruit heroes of different races. The Temple improves the passive attributes of the protagonist and heroes. Improving your buildings will improve your BR, and is an activity that should not be neglected.




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