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Dead Coats
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Dead Coats is a Single player 3D First Person Shooter (FPS) Game, featuring the new Adobe Flash Player 11 technology to render quality visuals in a web browser.

The Story: - It's a dark autumn night in 1789 when an army of undead British soldiers hath risen from their graves looking for brains, flesh and revenge in the woods outside of Philadelphia. Fortunately, the irascible Benjamin Franklin, a Patriot with nerves of steel and a penchant for electricity, stands between them and every man, woman, and child in the new world. Armed with a home-made lightening-musket, the goal is to take charge, stay moving, and zap the noggins off as many zombie Red Coats as possible.

Yes you read it right now you can rewrite history with the help of Ben Franklin (the fictional not the one real ... of course) killing zombies with a homemade electric weapon. Does not sound interesting enough for you, yet good then, let's mention to you that is one of the first game using the new Adobe Flash Player 11 technology to render a 3D graphics image more than just decent for a browser game. People from Neo-Pangea (the game developers) are some real pioneers, it is true the game is not multipleier but certainly is interesting enough to be tried even now by the day of zombie, the Halloween holiday. While the game isn't nearing Crysis-levels of beauty, it's still above decent.

The current gameplay of the game requires little improvements such as easier control of the character, more configuration options, or who can know a multipleyer or even bether a player versus player mode.

Clearly a recommendation for a quick game, half angry and full of zombies for 15 minutes of action dementia-hilarious fun and last but not least its like that sweets of Halloween fun wonder, just simply play it.


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