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Apes Age
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Apes Age is a Android Free to play, Strategy Multiplayer Game featuring the future of the Apes is depending of your actions.

Apes Age - The future of the Apes is counting on you! Risen from a dark age, our species has suffered a great loss under the tyrannical regime of the Humans. As a great leader, it is your job to ease their pain and give them a peace world to prosper, even if the cost is countless lives during the revolt!

Game Features:

- Huge Map: The game map is so big as to allow you to send armies anywhere at your command!

- Multiple Resources: Countless treasures and resources are scattered on the map, alluring you to the harvest.

- Exquisite Animations: No matter which interface you are in, you can find delicate animations and icons everywhere to make the game a more aesthetically pleasing experience!

- Artistic Advantage: Wherever you are located, whether on the map or a city, the artistic landscape consisting of mountains, water and forests are a soothing pleasure to rest your eyes on;

- Easy Operation: The game is totally user-friendly, you can master the game in 1 day, wage wars in 3 days and reach the maximum level in 7 days.

- Abundant Rewards: Complete each quest to receive plenty of rewards, amassing a big fortune with little effort.

- Global Server: Share your pain and joy in Apes Age with players worldwide;

- Guild War: Friendly and active guilds allow you to feel the charm of guild cooperation;

- Unit Variation: Build your army with a variety of unit combinations and lead them into battle;

- Technology Research: The diversity of technology allows you to boost all aspects of the economy, military and strategy, making your army more formidable.

- Battle Variety: Vent out your passion, participating in guild/PVP/PVE battles for victory and glory;

- Market Economy: Apes Age has a unique market system where you can find whatever goods you want;

- Free Download: Apes Age is a free-to-download game with a small portion of high-value services requiring in-game purchase. Players who don't want to make purchases can still enjoy the majority of features within the game.



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