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Summon Rush
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Summon Rush is a Android Free2Play, Role Playing RPG, Multiplayer Game where Summoners meet their soul mates and their power can get stronger than ever.

Summon Rush - Totally new creature card battle that you have not experienced yet.

Creatures’ souls captured in your cards reanimate and appear just before you. Build your own deck and summon creatures by circumstances.

Use various summoner’s skills and encouragement ability to help your creatures.

Water against fire! Light against Darkness! Know yourself and find enemy’s weakness.

When Summoners meet their soul mates, their power can get stronger than ever.

Build your own deck to dominate the battle.

Guild is like my home and family! - Guild System

Your guild buff can be the best enforcement to your creatures.

If you use attributions of your guild members wisely, the guild provides you the absolute power!

It is best support! spiritual magic!

Spiritual magic enhance summoners and creatures tremendously ! Use spiritual magic wisely to change the game.




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