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Stormborne2 is a Android Free-to-play, Action Multiplayer Game featuring 3 directional attack and defense controls.

Stormborne2 is a mobile action game that brings the fun and excitement of playing console action games to the palm of your hand. In the world of Stormborne2, you become an unknown gladiator who desperately battles to escape a series of maze-like passages in search of lost memories. Challenge your strength and never give up as you fight to win against all odds. Bring yourself to new heights of power as you level up and face more and more formidable enemies.

Freedom and truth are within your grasp!

Stormborne2 New Features:

- Each monster has a different AI.

- You can have various weapon appearance and character appearance.

- Challenge mode to enjoy extreme control.

Game Features:

- Hardcore Action of 1:1 Duel

Experience the pinnacle of action gameplay by utilizing 3 directional attack and defense controls. The thrill of evading and counterattacking at just the right moment before your enemy's blade hits you is truly exhilarating! Forget about old automated control systems. Feel the gut-wrenching tension building as you dodge your enemy’s attacks, plan your next move, and strike your enemies down..

- Stunning Graphics on Low Spec Devices and with a Low Storage Requirement

Stormborne2 is a graphically stunning game, yet it only requires 90MB on your device storage. You can also enjoy the same high quality graphics on low spec devices. Stormborne2 is designed to play perfectly on whatever device you’re using.



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