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Burning Blood is a Android Free-to-play, 3D Fantasy Role-Playing RPG, Multiplayer Game featuring real-time National War.

Burning Blood , a 3D fantasy mobile ARPG, focuses on National Wars. In the game, you can ride a winged mount to fight in the sky, in the game, you can travel the "WOW-like" world, enjoying the delicate 3D scenery, in the game, you can recruit hundreds of epic heroes, ordering them to fight for you in Guild Wars, Clan Wars or even wars between races, in the game, you can enjoy the unlimited PK for 24 hours a day.


- Real-time National War, Enemies anytime, anywhere! Totally different from other ARPG, Burning Blood allows PK with no time limit! 1 VS 10000, dare you? The largest real-time MOBA, the most chaotic national war in history, is right here!

- Hanging Battlefields, An innovative flight system! Just soar to the sky and dive sharply to attack enemies on the ground! Beautiful scenes in 3D style? With a winged mount, you can even overlook the whole fantasy continent!

- Classic Heroes, Juggernaut! Crystal Maiden! Demon Hunter! You are familiar with them, right? Hundreds of recruitable heroes, thousands of combat combinations! Exciting fighting, magnificent SFX, endless combos!

- WOW in Another Space, Classic multiplayer dungeons, team raid, winged mounts, unlimited PK style, three main races, four practical classes... They are classical because they are amazing! Let's go back to that era, fight for GLORY!



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