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Art of War Red Tides
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Art of War Red Tides is a Strategy Multiplayer Game , featuring intense fighting with 300+ ground & aerial units and ultra-high fidelity graphic.

Art of War Red Tides is a tug of war game, inspired the Desert Strike of Starcraft 2. The rules of a battle in Red Tides are simple and easy to understand

- Choose 1 race from 3 distinct races. Select 10 units from more than 40 units of each races and lead them into the battle.

- Promptly adjust your strategy in the battle, such as the combination and numbers of units

- Destroy 3 enemy turrets and then the base, so you gain the victory.

Simple as that, but you will have different experience in each game.

Game Features:

- Stunning world with ultra-high fidelity graphic

- Intense fighting with 300+ ground and aerial units on the battlefield

- Battle system with in-depth tricks and strategies, such as selection of units and commander skills collaboration

- Team cooperation are more important than anything else

- Can be easily played with mouse only




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