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Chrono Tales Android
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Chrono Tales is a Android Free-to-play Turn-Based, Role-Playing MMO Game.

This is the most generous game - all rare item, dungeon game will be granted easily, now everyone has own mythical creature! This is an unstoppable game - Changeable outfit of player and pet; 3v3, 5v5 team match crazy PK! Mummy, let me catch this pet first before we have our meal! This is a massive interactive mobile game, lots of real-time communication, no more fake identity! Mummy, I got my mate in Chrono Tales .

Game Feature:

- General welfare; rare item and dungeon drop. Player oriented setting - Rare item, mythical creatures, generous dungeon events drop, opens to public! Acquire your wealth with free trading market.

- Exemplary zeal, singular, group PK everything. Inspiring ways of PK, warrior arena 1v1 challenge, Occupation challenge 3v3, hyperspace ranking challenge, peak duel 5v5 battle royal, five diverse integrated occupations, and even common player can experience the most flourishing duel.

- Real-time interaction, social, PK always offered. Varieties of social system, marriage, relationship, sworn, apprenticeship, factions, trading system, real-time interaction command for friends, beauties and handsome are awaiting you

- Adorable Pets, hundreds of abilities for casually combination. Couples of funny anime pet, plentiful pet adoption systems, hundreds of abilities combination; you can make your own unique pet that assists you in every war.

- Reinvention fashion accessories for sophisticated figure. Our originally creation: role accessories and fashion inspiring system, player may enjoy the every parts combination and colour changes, make yourself different with others, say Bye to same outfit!

Adventure or leisure, mutual love or admiration. Join the Rainbow adventure or etc.., it consist of forging, potion maker, cultivation and etc. varieties of couple play mode, you will never retire from game!



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