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King of War
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King of War is a Android Free-to-play, Strategy City-builder MMO Game featuring multi-cities to manage in the chaotic Middle Ages.

Distinctive King of War , terminator of homogenized War Strategy Games. Global players compete here, and there are several development routes can be chose.

You can focus on construction and production, also can conquer your enemies by force. You can even build your empire by transaction with your amazing business talents. Different game experience only depends on your choices.

Game Features:

- Multi-cities to manage, upgrade your peerage level to control more cities. Become the most powerful lord and the greatest king.

- Capture the legend heroes. Those who were famous in the history, or called the God or War. Capture them and make them fight for you.

- Nurture heroes. Award them jewels, equip rare equipment, and inlay powerful gems. Make them stronger and more loyal.

- Micro battle. Grand war scenes, highly recovered the multi-arms combined operation tactics in the Middle Ages.

- Unit collocation. Each unit has his own features, how to command your army to win the battle is a compulsory course to be a king.

- Hundreds of famous cities. Each one has always been contested. Occupy them with your powerful army.

- The wisdom of the leader. Use strategy flexibly will help you get through the crisis and make your army more effective.

- Alliance cooperation. Fight with your allies and share your experience. Lead the alliance to develop and grow stronger.

Open up a road in the chaotic Middle Ages, create your own legend story, your journey will begin in King of War .



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