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Dragon Chronicles
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Dragon Chronicles is a Free-to-play Android, Action Role-Playing ARPG, Multiplayer Game featuring more than 300 unique heroes with unique 3D display.

Dive into the world of Dragon chronicle and begin your Adventure today, experience the Epic 3D Action Siege Warfare! Assemble the greatest team of heroes for strategic victories!

Game Features:

Epic 3D graphics display - Collect more than 300 unique heroes with unique 3D display! - Immerse yourself in Dynamic Effects and Diverse Skill Animations!

Brand New Siege Mode Real-time multiplayer PK - Power Up, Rank Up, and Gear Up to challenge your friends - Strengthen your castle to strategize for the upcoming battles.

Strategic Hero Match - 5 kinds of hero fetter for strategic match - varified fetter system X strongest ever hero skill - Customize your Team's Formation and manage Skills to strategize for the upcoming battles.


- Adventure Modeconquer the land and save goddess!

- Battlebattel 1:1 in real-time to perform your skill!

- Challengechallenge yourself to be No.1!

- Elitematch up your heroes to defeat evil!

- Guild: battle at the top of castle to dominate the mainland of Shultain !



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