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The Chosen: Online
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The Chosen is a simple and classic Role Playing MMO Game.

The game has some good elements and some bad elements, it is short and simple, without making you feel that you need to hurry to close some portal to hell or worse. The plus side, it is a sedate experience that players can work through at their leisure and is reminiscent of the RPG games of the past, meaning that the game graphics look like it would have to be from several years old or more but do not worry the game music is decent and makes good the atmosphere.

The Gameplay includes some caracter personalization over a basis of 6 character classes - Sword, Blade, Flute, Fan, and Scroll and every class offers unique skills, along with advantages varying from physical and magic attacks to long and short-range techniques. It's not too much to offer here but enough for some players and because of this, I'll agree with them. The game have a decent range of monsters to battle, many that are stereotypical like zombies, werewolves and so on.

I do not know but I feel that the game leaves a sense of greed ... who knows maybe it's creators were stalled too fast and did not dare to challenge the limits of imagination ? However that may be, overall i could fit the game on the edge of playable games, but not brilliant one.


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