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Tactics Squad Dungeon Heroes
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Tactics Squad Dungeon Heroes is a Free-to-play Android, RPG Role-Playing Multiplayer Game featuring numerous heroes and multiple battle modes available.

Tactics Squad Dungeon Heroes - TACTICS, STRATEGIES and COMBAT! Build your team of heroes, fight your way through terrifying monsters in various dungeons and solve the mysteries of the world!!

- Tactics, Choose between Blitz, Counterattack and Trick tactic to strategize and change your team FORMATION!

- PvP, Challenge other teams of heroes, boost your RANKINGS and prove who's the better tactician!

- Boss Battle, FIGHT against a gigantic boss monster for an epic battle!

- Guild, Gather your friends, and build a GUILD together!

- Skills, Don't underestimate the power of the skills on each HERO, it can flip the victor in the battlefield!

- Level Up, Level your hero, gear and skills, and conquer the dungeons!

- Story, Why do dungeons exist? What's the story behind all these characters? The world is filled with mysteries!


- Free to play Tactics Strategy RPG

- Collect numerous heroes and create your ultimate team

- Multiple battle modes available

- Fight your way through waves of monsters in numerous dungeons

- Time your skills for the critical moments



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