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Empire Rising Online
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Empire Rising is a 2D Browser Based, Role Playing MMO Game featuring an compelling age advancement system.

The story does not really exist in the true sense of the word instead ecxista an historically Background that goes like this: “year is 1435 AD. Rival states and old grudges have come to a head. The dark ages are ending, and as the dawn of the renaissance shines upon the land, only one kingdom may rule. Tensions between Christian and Muslim cultures are exploding into bloody war between Britain and France in the West and the Ottoman Empire and Prussians in the East. Rebels stir the people to unrest and barbarians roam the land unchecked. The world needs a powerful leader to guide it back to peace. Build your empire, marshal your armies, defeat your foes, and watch as your rise leads the world into a new age.” Do not sound too impressive, but believe me, not the story is impressive the specials features are, such as: actual map of Europe with notable capital cities like Lisbon and Paris adds a touch of the real world to the game experience and a compelling age advancement system which will allow players to see their city change and grow as they reach important milestones and will encourage server-wide cooperation to open new Ages.

Maybe the game does not have 3D graphics with special effects but not going to disappoint at gamepley and to the complexity management option of the city.

I consider that is a superior quality game, especially because it has special features that are not found to other similar browser games, and that is why I would recommend it those who like advanced management game, could be an option for the rest of the players who want to try something different.


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