Gloria Victis - Christmas update

Friday, 23 December 2016 20:40 mmoraw
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"Biggest update in game's history" adds new character models, Christmas content and other goodies.

The biggest update in the entire history of Gloria Victis has been released! Not only we have implemented new character models and reworked character creation system - players also received 7 redesigned settlements, great expansion of the locations upgrading system and Christmas content, including special events.

The update introduced reworked models of playable characters. They have now 10 times more details than before and they came with extended options of character customization, including tattoos and face painting, face details and many more! We have also reworked entire character creation interface and added an optional ability to shape the background of your character by answering a series of questions.
Over the last few weeks we were working hard on the territory control overhaul. In effect, in the update you received 3 reworked towns – Leaktown, Twinfall and Scarsdale – with their their defense values being greatly improved. Farms and mines have also been redesigned, as well as the upgrades window.

There are also visible changes of guardhouses and resources nodes after each upgrade and brand new upgradable objects: main building and crafting workshops. For now you will see them only in reworked settlements but remaining towns will be redesigned soon as well. Once all settlements get moved into a new system, we will be able to add new towns and castles much faster.
We will enter New Year with focus on preparing new animations for the final implementation, as well as on working on the female character models. Meanwhile our designers are reworking remaining towns to move them into the new upgrades system and programmers are working on character controller and synchronization overhaul. We will also work on numerous bug fixes and optimization.


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