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Digimon Masters
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Digimon Masters is a Cartoonish style Role Playing MMO Game based on the Digimon Universe.

Story: You are attempting to join DATS. That's about it. There's a main storyline quest that follows Kurata as he prepares for the invasion of the Digital World. It eventually leads into a war, but so far the story has no progressed much further than that. Since it seems to follow the storyline of Digimon Data Squad, it will eventually lead into a war between Kurata and his artificial Digimon army vs the Digital World where you try to stop Kurata from comitting genocide.

Digimon Masters Online is a slightly newer Digimon MMORPG, it plays like a traditional one rather than like the turn based Digimon Battle. The game is fairly simple and straight forward, point and click to move and select enemies. It is possible to grind with just the keyboard. All Digimons are hatched from a Digitama Egg, go through a baby Digimon phase, and grow into In-training,Rookie, Champion, Ultimate and Mega form. What a Digimon needs for these steps is Data. Basically, Digimon hunt other Digimon, load (absorb) their data to grow, and move on to the next Digivolution step once they grow beyond a certain level. But the Digimon that have a Partnership with humans can be forced to grow through the power of each human partner. These partners are called Tamers, and a Digimon that has a Tamer is called a Partner Digimon.

Battles will be fought by the partner and or mercenary Digimon fighting against a monster Digimon. The tamer doesn't directly participate however, the tamer can use Digi soul to boost their partner and mercenary Digimon's abilities and also use various skills that are helpful in battle. Partner and mercenary Digimon have their own combat skills. Depending on the Digimon's inclination, skills are divided into short-range attacks and long-range attacks.

The main problem from the game is that inactive Digimon are not healed. While your active Digimon is fighting, the other 2 you have in your Digivice are doing nothing. Flashy graphics, in-depth role play fun, thrill stories, and combat find Digimon Masters Online the latest MMO experience, few rivals among all animation adopted games. Plenty of choices in character customization, mission contents and fighting modes allow players never a second of boredom in Digimon Masters Online, just give him a chance and try it.



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