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Nidia is a 3D Free-to-play Browser Based BB, Role-Playing MMO Game MMORPG.

In Nidia you’ll get to choose from among 3 different classes, namely Archer, Warrior and Mage. Once done, you’ll get to enter the beautiful world of Nidia and start your journey. The questing aspect in the game Nidia is pretty much automated due to its auto-pathing system. Your character will also automatically attack creatures you need to complete your quests through the game’s AFK/ auto-combat system. Interestingly, when you’re questing in AFK mode, the game will automatically group you up with anyone nearby who is killing the same mobs. This results in a much faster progression and it’s no wonder that within less than an hour, you should easily reach level 40 or more.

The ease in leveling is counter-balanced by the fact that when you reach around the level 70 to 80 range, you can then exchange the XPs you’ve gained for evolution points and hence, allowing you to evolve your character. There are several levels of evolution and naturally, the stuff that evolved heroes have, such as access to an amazing pair of dragon wings or better gear, is definitely a nice step up.

The graphics in Nidia are particularly good for a browser-based MMO. Due to being completely 3D, you can view the world your character is in from any direction you like, and you could also zoom into your character to see him/her up-close.




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